I actually have no idea how to begin writing this post. I think I’ll just start from the beginning!

Sassy has become such a support and good friend over the last few years, so when she asked if I’d like to accompany her, Ian, Chris (on video duty) and Neil (on photography), there was no question.

So a bit of a back story about Sassy & Ian’s wedding. Anyone who follows Rock’n’Roll Bride will have seen thisĀ cautionary post about having your photographer friend shoot your wedding. Wellll.. if you look at the photos below you might see someone familiar or two. Yes, Sassy and Ian were the couple in that post and the whole reason for them renewing their vows were because she wanted some kick ass photos to treasure forever. No pressure for Neil and I then!

So we all met at Heathrow airport and, me and Neil pulled up our flight socks, and we all hopped on a plane across the world! I have only ever travelled to Europe so flying this far was a pretty big deal to me and I was a bit weirded out watching the little inflight thing that tells you what countries you’re flying over.

What followed was a couple of hazy, fun days with very little sleep in Bangkok. I think arriving at the roof top speak easy bar will be etched in my mind forever, it was definitely one of those moments when you just take a deep breath and realise something inside your heart has just been opened.

We then flew to Surat Thani to then get our connection to a boat which will whizz us across Chieow Laan Lake. Chieow Laan Lake was my kinda place – it was created to provide an ethical and sustainable source of energy when tourism in southern Thailand increased. I honestly felt like I had just arrived in paradise as we sat drinking a beer on that boat, driven by our super cute designated driver for the trip! We were also joined by our tour guide for the trip – a humorous and kindly soul who made our trip even more magical.

We arrived at our destination, some floating raft houses. Words can’t describe this place – there’s a few hours of electricity per day and the toilets are all ethical self flush type things. There’s a small dining/cafe area where you can buy rum for peanuts and where people serve you banquets of amazing Thai food in abundance. You wake at 5am where you roll out of your bed into the massive expanse of warm limestone lake for a swim, and in mine and Chris’s case, having a quick chat with the morning flurry of baboons.

You then board a boat where they give you wildlife tours and throughout the days, jungle treks and various exploring. We used all this time for the first few days to scope out where Sassy and Ian were going to say their vows and have photos.

Which brings me to the renewal itself. At 5am Chris and I sneaked into Sassy and Ian’s room to catch them having their morning cuddle before we joined Neil by the lake for photos while the sun came up. In the days leading up we commented how the weather was perfect, hot but breezy and cloud passing. But on the morning of the renewal the sun pounded down.

Monks arrived for their Buddhist blessing and I’m going to let the images take over from here but before I do I want to say that in all my time shooting weddings I have never seen a love that touched me so much as Sassy & Ian’s. I just about held it together for the reading (don’t look up Emma, just don’t look up) but lost it and blubbed my way through the rest of it. It was such a huge honour to be a part of something so amazing for such an incredible talent in the wedding industry and her wonderful hubby.

I also have to say what an immense pleasure it was working alongside Neil and Chris. Both are incredible, professional and wonderful people.

You can see the full feature with some of Neil’s photos too over on Rock’n’Roll Bride. I’ve blogged some of the trip in this post but you can also see more of my general trip photos here.

You can also see the official vid here. It’s a corker!