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Last year I attended a few workshops at the mighty Farm Week, a week of workshops bought to you by Photography Farm. I could only stay for a few days because of work commitments but I reluctantly left feeling so insanely inspired and so happy to be part of one of the loveliest an
Pinch and a punch! Has been a while since one of these but it has been manic and was feeling the need to touch in with you, you're all so supportive! Thanks so much to each and every one of you who has liked or shared any of my work! So, there's been a few changes in the wa
So you may have noticed from my Facebook page that I've been doing a bit of one on one teaching. I had so many of you contact me and ask me to do it and I finally caved and did a session with a friend and we both enjoyed it so much I decided to extend the offer to other people wh
Christmas has been busy to say the least! You'll see why in a mo but let me apologise for the late post  :) Following yesterdays 2012 round up, here's what I got up to in Decemeber! The purpose of these monthly posts are to keep you filled in with what's going on on top of wed