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A load of photographers tucked away in the countryside with a load of cameras is always going to spell photos! On the second day of Photography Farm Week I was telling Alexa and Zoe how much I'm craving shooting more portraiture and was showing them a book by my fave photographer
So I owed it to myself to do a reflective post this year. So as I sit here at my new desk space (no more working from home madness for me!) supping tea I've been compiling some of the things I've done this year and I'm somewhat shocked at what I've packed in this year. As you ma
If you follow my Instagram you'd be forgiven for thinking I'm always off on little jitty's recently! The truth is I'm just keeping most of the wedding stuff for my Facebook page and have just been taking stuff while on the road. But, I will hold my hands up and say I did take a f
The morning before I left for Paris I thought I couldn't have picked a worse time to go. The evening I got home from Paris I thought I couldn't have picked a better time to go! In the midst of my busiest season ever the break did wonders for inspiring my photography and giving
So I got back today after a short trip to France (Normandy) with the ace Assassynation - it was a bit of pleasure with a bit of work thrown in too. I meant to take waaaay more pictures than I did but unfortunately the weather was slightly wet! Here's a few from the dry spells tho