Blackpink and Their Cameras (Film & Digital)

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Here is a sneak peak at their beloved gear:

Jennie’s Camera Collection:

  • Sony ZV-1: For her engaging vlogs and YouTube channel.
  • Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II: A versatile choice for stunning shots.
  • Leica M6 with Summicron 35 f/2: A classic Leica favorite.
  • Leica Mini 3 35mm film camera: Embracing the art of film photography.

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Lisa’s Photographic Arsenal:

  • Leica Minilux Camera: Exuding style and substance.
  • Leica M6 35mm Film Camera: Perfect for capturing timeless moments.
  • Leica Sofort: Embracing instant photography magic.
  • Leica M3 Film Camera: Nostalgia in the form of film.
  • Nikon FM2 Film Camera: A reliable choice for analog enthusiasts.

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Jisoo’s Preferred Cameras:

  • Fujifilm X70: The compact wonder for capturing life’s moments.
  • Olympus Mju: A pocket-sized powerhouse.
  • Contax T3 35MM Film Camera: A legendary film camera for her artistic side.
  • Nikon 1 J5 Mirrorless Camera: Combining style and substance in the digital realm.

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Rosé’s Camera Selection:

  • Leica M10: Exquisite craftsmanship for remarkable shots.
  • Contax T3: A cherished film camera with a touch of sophistication.

Join us as we discover the visual world of Blackpink, showcasing their chosen cameras and the mesmerizing photographs they create.

Regardless of whether you’re a camera connoisseur or just a curious fan, this blog post is sure to pique your interest and offer insight into the captivating universe of Blackpink through the lens.

Blackpink in your area!”

Blackpink is a K-pop band made up of four girls: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. They’ve been together since 2016, and they released their first album in the same year!

Blackpink has always been known for their trendy songs, fashion sense, and fearless approach to musical experimentation. I’m one of their biggest fans!

Do you also know that Blackpink members love to collect digital and film cameras as well? If you’re interested to find out more about Blackpink and their cameras, read below.

Jennie and her cameras

This beautiful singer and vlogger have tons of cameras in her collection. She collects both film and digital cameras. Jennie loves posting her film camera photos on Instagram, and they never fail to amaze her fans!

Because of this, fans have the opportunity to see her in many different styles and looks with a different camera each time.

Jennie’s hobby is not only limited to collecting cameras. She also enjoys taking photographs of the other Blackpink members during their downtime as well! The best part about it? Her photography skills are amazing!

  • Sony ZV-1 for her vlog and YouTube channel
  • Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
  • Leica M6 with Summicron 35 f/2
  • Leica Mini 3 35mm film camera
  • Contax T2D (special anniversary edition)
  • Sony A7 series camera
  • Leica M10? (special edition) – according to her vlog, its a gift from a wealthy fan

Based on my observation, it seems like the Sony ZV-1 is Jennie’s favorite camera.

She uses it on her YouTube channel a lot, and the quality of her videos is amazing!

The Sony ZV-1 is an amazing camera for vloggers, it has a beauty filter, is lightweight, and is easy to carry around.

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Lisa and her cameras

Like Jennie, the pretty Thai rapper also collects film and digital cameras. She seems to invest in expensive camera bodies and special edition lenses.

Also, Lisa is actually a big fan of Leica cameras like myself.

From what I can see, Jennie and Lisa have quite a few similarities. They’re both wealthy, beautiful women with a passion for photography.

But most importantly, they’re both collectors of amazing cameras! Here are some of the cameras Lisa owns:

  • Leica Minilux Camera
  • Leica M6 35mm Film Camera
  • Leica Sofort
  • Leica M3 Film Camera
  • Nikon FM2 Film Camera
  • Kyocera Yashica T4
  • Minolta X370
  • Contax T2
  • Contax T2D
  • Contax G2
  • Leica Q TYP116
  • Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition Digital Camera
  • Canon EOS R Series
  • Nikon D6

As you can see Lisa has a lot of cameras. But I’m not just interested in the brands or types of cameras she owns, but also how many she has. And that’s where things get really interesting…

Based on our research, it appears that Lisa owns at least 18 different cameras!

That’s a lot of cameras for anyone, let alone a celebrity. But why does this matter?

Well, to put it simply, owning that many cameras imply one of two things: either Lisa is extremely wealthy or she is an avid photography enthusiast. But in her case, it’s both!

This information tells us something significant about Lisa: she cares deeply about photography and takes great joy in collecting amazing and expensive cameras.

Jisoo and her cameras

Jisoo also collects cameras but she is not as avid as Lisa. She owns a few film/analog and digital cameras. She loves to capture moments with her friends and family.

Thus, she also collects cameras as a hobby. She owns a few digital cameras for casual photography needs but also is into film photography.

Jisoo loved analog/film photography even before it became popular again in recent years.

  • Fujifilm X70
  • Olympus Mju
  • Contax T3 35MM Film Camera
  • Nikon 1 J5 Mirrorless Camera

I’m not quite sure what Jisoo’s favorite everyday carry camera is. But I saw a lot of pictures of her together with either a Contax T3 or a Nikon 1 J5. And both cameras are easy to use and lightweight.

Rosé and her cameras

Rosé is a fan of both analog and digital photography.

While she does not have as many cameras as Lisa or Jennie, the ones she owns are well-loved by her. She often takes her camera with her wherever she goes, as she loves capturing memories and moments.

  • Leica M10
  • Contax T3

Like the other members of Blackpink, it looks like Rosé is very fond of using the beautiful Contax T3. Maybe they are also one of the factors why the Contax T3 gain more popularity in recent years and become more expensive.

Since she only has a few cameras at the moment, I wonder what her next camera would be. I guess, only time will tell!