Can I Print My Own Wedding Photos? [2024]

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If your wedding photographer gave you the files after your wedding day and you have an access to a photo printer then yes, you can print your own wedding photos! It’s as simple as that.

You don’t have to leave your wedding photos to the professionals. The best part is that this can save you money in the long run!

Usually, your photographer will send you the files after a few weeks or months right after the wedding. When they do, you should be able to print your own photos.

You can also print your own photos if you took them by yourself, by a friend or family member.

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If you’re like most brides and grooms who want to print their own photos at home, there are some things to consider before jumping into the process. The first question would be what kind of printer do you need?

The good news is there are plenty of affordable printers on the market that will work just fine for printing out your digital wedding photos.

If budget is an issue (and in many cases it is), then it’s important to look into the cost per page of various printers before making your decision.

You’ll also want something reliable with good customer service and warranty options available if something goes wrong down the line with no extra charge or hidden fees attached. Here are some high-quality printers that are perfect for printing out your digital wedding photos:

Canon® SELPHY™ CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

This is a great little printer that’s perfect for printing out your digital wedding photos. It can print out 4″ by 6″ prints in just 47 seconds and the quality is great. You can send your photos to the printer from your smartphone wirelessly and it also includes an SD card slot. Its color output is accurate and reasonably vivid.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer

This is a great printer for wedding photos and it’s perfect for printing out large format prints. It can print out 13″ by 19″ and its output is professional grade.

So if you’re planning to display your pictures on your wall, you should definitely consider this superb printer. If you have the money and you want to print out high-quality wedding photos, then this is the printer for you. It’s a little on the expensive side but it’s well worth it.

HP ENVY Photo 7855 All-in-One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing

It’s an affordable photo printer that’s easy to use. The quality you can get from the HP ENVY is pretty good. It’s not as high-quality as the Canon but it’s still good enough for most people.

This printer is an ideal choice for those who want something that prints out good photos but doesn’t want to spend too much money on one.

Now, if you want to print your wedding photos but don’t have the time to print them on your own, there are several places where you can send your photos to be printed.

The most common place is a photo lab, where they will print your photos and ship them back to you.

Should I print all of my wedding photos?

It’s not a good idea to print all of your wedding photos. Why? Because it will likely cost you a lot of money. You can easily spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on printing your wedding photos. Make sure to only print the ones that you really like and will enjoy looking at.

Even if you have your own photo printer and photo papers at home, printing all of them can be such a huge pain. Think of how many inks and photo papers you’ll need to buy, and how much time you’ll spend printing. It is not just worth it.

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Instead of printing all of your wedding photos, it’s better to print a few and just enjoy them. You can always order more prints later if you want.

You can also consider having a photo book made with your favorite photos, which you can then enjoy looking at on a regular basis.

Where can I get wedding photos printed?

If you don’t want to print your wedding photos at home, there are several ways you can get them printed. You can go to your local photo shops like Costco (they’re shutting down), Walgreens, or CVS, or order prints online from companies like Shutterfly and Snapfish. is another great option, they’re trendy and quite affordable as well.

We have a thorough guide on where to find the best place to print your wedding photos. Having them printed professionally is the best way to make sure they look great.

How big should I print my wedding photo?

If you’re going to hang your wedding pictures on your wall, the best option is to print them 8″x10″ or lower.

If you’re going to put your wedding photos in a photo album, it’s best to print them 4″x6″ or lower. Also, make sure that your printed photos can fit your chosen frames.


Printing your own wedding photos is a great way to save money and create a keepsake. I’m excited to see what you come up with as a result of this article! Thanks for reading!

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