Canon EOS R Eyecup – Is it replaceable?

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The Canon EOS R has a removable eyecup on the viewfinder. Although it is not as easy to remove compared to other DSLRs, it is still possible to do so. It has two screws under the rubber piece that you can take off with a screwdriver.

An eyepiece or eyecup is a small piece of rubber that covers the viewfinder when you’re not using it.

It helps to block out extra light and reflections when looking through the viewfinder, making it easier to see what’s going on in your shot.

With the advent of mirrorless cameras, we no longer need to worry about removing the eyecup on our cameras.

The reason for this is that mirrorless cameras have an EVF (electronic viewfinder), which eliminates the need for a removable eyecup.

With an OVF (optical viewfinder), stray light can enter through the viewfinder when you’re using your camera on a tripod and that’s why having a removable eyepiece is important.

With that being said, when using my Canon RP for astrophotography, I wouldn’t worry about stray light because of its great EVF and the not-so-easy-to-remove eyecup.

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However, since most mirrorless cameras have an EVF, this isn’t really a problem anymore.

Canon EOS R eyecup replacement

If you need to replace your EOS R eyecup, it’s not hard to do. The first step is to remove the rubber cover from the viewfinder by unscrewing the two screws on either side of the eyecup.

As for their availability, I saw some sellers on eBay who was selling the eyecup for cheap and they’re 100% knockoffs.

But I’m still not sure if they can fit the EOS R. For your peace of mind, your best bet is to order one from Canon itself.

What does the eyecup do on a camera?

An eyecup is a small rubber or plastic cup that mounts on or near the eyepiece of a camera’s viewfinder. Its purpose is to block out extraneous light and to provide a soft surface for the eye to rest against when looking through the viewfinder.

Eyecups come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some are adjustable to accommodate different eye sizes.

Do I need an eyecup for my camera?

Yes! The eyecup helps to protect your eye from stray light when you look through the viewfinder. This is especially important if you wear glasses because it prevents the eyepiece from scratching your glasses.

Eyecups are really affordable and will only take a few seconds to install.

They are also easy to remove, which makes them a great accessory for anyone who wants to protect their eyes while shooting. If you have never used an eyecup before, it might feel strange at first.

But once you get used to using an eyecup, you won’t want to go back!

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Are eyecups universal?

No, they are not universal. Eyecups are designed to fit a wide range of cameras. However, there are still some limitations when it comes to eyecup compatibility.

Some eyecups are designed to fit specific camera models, while others can be used with multiple cameras.

How do you remove a Canon eyecup?

Removing an eyecup on a Canon DSLR is fairly easy to do. You simply need to lift it gently from the viewfinder. But this is not the case with Canon EOS R, you need a screwdriver to unscrew the two screws underneath the rubber piece first to be able to remove it.

How do you attach an eyecup to a camera?

Most eyecups are very easy to remove and attach. You simply need to push it gently from the top of the viewfinder to attach it. With the EOS R series, you need a screwdriver to attach and remove an eyecup.

While in some cases, such as with the Nikon DF, you can easily screw the eyecup with your hand.

Can I use an EP-EX15II eyepiece extender on the Canon EOS R?

No, you can’t use this eyepiece extender on your Canon EOS R. The reason is, that the EP-EX15II eyepiece extender works by sliding out the original eyepiece and inserting it into the guides.

While the eyepiece on EOS R uses screws to attach the eyecup to the camera’s viewfinder.

So, you won’t be able to use it since it is not compatible with your camera.