How To Check The Shutter Count Of Your Canon 7D in 2024

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Here are a few things you can do to check the shutter count of your Canon 7D.



Normally, shutter count can be checked with a 3rd party software or an app. These apps can read the EXIF data of your Canon EOS 7D and might give you an accurate shutter count.

However, some of these apps are old and abandoned. They might not be able to read the camera correctly.

I used free shutter count on my 7D and 6D before and it was able to read their shutter count accurately.

Alternative way

Now, here’s an alternative and easy way to check the shutter count in your camera body itself. But it’s worth noting that It only counts how many times the shutter has been released on that particular single charge.

It zeros out once you recharge the battery of your 7D. So if you have used the camera for 300 photos and then recharge it, it will say that the shutter count is 0 again.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Press Menu on your Canon 7D
2. Find and select the 3rd yellow wrench symbol
3. Select battery info
4. Press Set

And that’s basically all there is to it! You can now see how many times your camera shutter has been released.

Why checking the shutter count is important?

Canon eos 7d

A shutter count is a number that represents the number of times the camera’s shutter has been used. The more often you use it, the higher the number will be.

If you are looking to buy a second-hand camera or perhaps thinking about selling your 7D, then it’s important to know how many times the shutter has been used.

Buyers usually want to know how many shutter actuations are on a camera. This will help them gauge the camera’s condition and decide whether it is worth their money.

Canon 7D shutter life

Canon 7D’s shutter life is actually pretty high, it is expected to last around 150,000 actuations. That’s quite a lot of shutter presses! This is not surprising, though, as the 7D is a prosumer camera. Its shutter lifespan is actually the same as Canon 6D and a little higher than the Canon EOS 90D, which is rated at 120k.

Of course, some will last more, and some less. Perhaps, it all depends on the way and how often you use the camera. Or by luck? What do you think? Mine is still going strong at 120k!

Is 50,000 a high shutter count? What is an acceptable shutter count?

canon eos 7d with yongnuo lens

50,000 actuations seems on the higher side. I do feel however that you shouldn’t worry too much if you’re camera has a high shutter count as long as it’s in great condition and works without any issues.

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Also, don’t let it stop you to keep shooting! The shutter is a rather mechanical part of a camera, so it’s not surprising that after a while it starts to wear out. It’s like the wheels of your car, they’re prone to wear and tear.

It’s totally normal and it can easily be fixed by a professional.

Now, if you’re looking to buy a used camera, then checking its shutter count is ideal.

Since the Canon 7D is about 14 years old, then you would probably find most of these cameras have high actuations already.

Also, there are some users who only use their 7D for taking videos and rarely use their cameras for photography.

You will find these cameras having such very low shutter actuations but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in great condition. So, it’s best if you can go through the camera yourself and check its overall condition before buying.

What should you do in case your shutter fails?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, camera shutters may last longer or even less than their expected lifespan.

In the event your shutter fails, then you should send it to a Canon service center and have it repaired.

The repair might cost you around $300 the last time I checked.