Is The Canon 90D Mirrorless? No, and here’s why.

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The Canon 90D is not a mirrorless camera. This great camera is a mid-level DSLR that offers a lot of bang for the buck. It has a 32MP APS-C sensor and offers excellent image quality. Moreover, this camera can shoot 4K videos!

Actually, the Canon 90D is the DSLR version of the popular Canon mirrorless camera, the Canon M6 Mark II.

Canon 90D DSLR

So, it kinda works like a mirrorless camera but with a different form factor and an optical viewfinder.

Up until this day, this camera offers superb image quality. The camera’s low-light performance is on par with other mid-range DSLRs. At first, I can’t get its autofocus to work right, but with some tweaking, I was able to capture birds in flight with a higher hit rate.

What are the key features of the Canon EOS 90D?

Now, here are a few impressive features of this camera.


The first thing that really impressed me is its high-resolution sensor. Its 32MP CMOS sensor is a big improvement from the Canon EOS 80D’s 24MP sensor. Even if the 90D is not a full-frame camera it delivers impressive image quality, especially with the right lenses.

This camera shoots crisp, vivid, and detailed images. It is also good at capturing high-quality video, up to 4K resolution in fact.

From my experience, its low light/high ISO performance can rival other cameras in its class but is actually behind the smaller and more compact Sony A6400.


The Canon 90D uses a 45-point all cross-type AF system and it now has the ability to detect faces when using the viewfinder.

a bird in flight
Belted Kingfisher in flight by Mark Schocken. Captured with Canon 90D

Right out of the box, I noticed that I have trouble focusing on moving subjects, even when using the viewfinder. With just a few adjustments to the autofocus settings, I was able to get better results.

When I’m shooting wildlife, I tend to use the One-shot AF mode and am able to get crisp shots of the animal as it walks through my frame.

Touchscreen display

This camera is equipped with a fully articulating 3″ touchscreen display and it’s a joy to use. With this, I can shoot from different angles and can do some selfies. Yes, I know, I know…

Optical viewfinder

To my surprise, the Canon 90D’s viewfinder has 100% coverage. This is helpful for framing accurately and also for composing shots in bright sunlight. The viewfinder is nice and large, so it’s easy to see through.


shooting video with dslr

This camera can shoot uncropped 4k@30p videos, which is really cool. I’ve only shot a few videos so far, but they look great!

I’m not into shooting videos, so I haven’t messed around with the settings too much. The video quality is good enough for me. And I’m sure most casual users of this camera will find it more than adequate. However, if you’re a serious filmmaker, one thing worth noting is the Canon 90D is not equipped with IBIS.

Is the Canon 90D a professional camera?

Many people are wondering if this camera is good enough for professional work. I think it’s a pretty good camera and is great for someone who wants to start shooting professionally.

I’ve seen many wedding, portrait, and event photographers use this camera for their work. The image quality is great, it focuses fast even in low light and its battery life is fantastic. These are the features that most professional photographers look for in a camera.

a product photographer

And yes, the Canon 90D is not a full-frame camera and it doesn’t have dual card slots like the Canon 5D Mark IV, but as long as you know what you’re doing and you have a good lens, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The only problem is there are no Canon EF-S lenses that can take advantage of the camera’s 32MP high-resolution sensor.

However, there are some other brands that make great lenses for the Canon 90D such as Sigma and Tamron.

One fantastic lens I have in mind is the Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 Art. This lens is a great all-around lens that can be used in many different situations, whether you’re shooting weddings or landscapes.

It has a wide aperture of f/1.8, which means it will let more light into your camera than a standard f/2.8 lens would.

This also helps when shooting in low-light situations because it allows you to shoot at faster shutter speeds without cranking up your ISO.

Lastly, the camera seems very well-made and feels solid in your hands. It’s not too heavy, so it won’t tire out your arms after long shooting sessions.

Compared to the Canon 80D

canon 80d

For this final section, let us compare the 90D to its predecessor, the Canon 80D. The 80D is a great camera, but there are some important differences between the two.

Canon 90DCanon 80D
AF System: Dual Pixel, 45-point (all cross-type)Dual Pixel, 45-point (all cross-type)
Shutter speed (max): 1/8000 sec
1/8000 sec
Burst rate: 10 fps7 fps
LCD: fully articulating, touchscreenfully articulating, touchscreen
Mic/headphone jacks: YesYes
Video: 4k at 30p1080 at 60p
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and BluetoothWi-Fi and NFC
Battery life: approx. 1300 shotsapprox. 950 shots
Weather sealing: YesYes
Weight: 701 g 730 g

From the chart above, it looks like there are some major differences between the two cameras and they actually make a big difference in terms of usability and image quality. The Canon 90D has a newer high-resolution 32MP sensor, a modern AF system, longer battery life, and the ability to shoot 4k@30p. It is also a bit lighter than its predecessor.

So, if you value these things above others, then the 90D is probably a better choice for you. The Canon 80D is still a great weather-sealed camera, but it shows its age when compared to the 90D.

Final thoughts

The Canon EOS 90D is an impressive mid-range DSLR camera to have in your bag. It’s easy to use, has great image quality, and comes with some modern features like a new 32MP CMOS sensor, Dual Pixel AF, and 4K video.

It is a bit expensive though and it’s missing some video capabilities that are found on more advanced cameras like the Canon EOS R series.

If you’re looking for a mid-range DSLR that delivers great performance and is easy to use, then the 90D is worth considering.