Is the Ricoh GR II Weather-sealed?

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The Ricoh GR II is not weather-sealed, which means you have to be careful when using it in harsh weather conditions. If you’re planning to use the camera in the rain or snow, you’ll need to cover it with a protective case or use your hand to cover it while raining.

But it’s not all bad news: the camera’s build quality is solid and it’s unlikely that the camera will break if you’re careful with it.

ricoh gr II

I never had any issues using it on the beach or in mild rain, even though it doesn’t have any weather sealing features.

I brought it with me during my trip to Egypt and it performed very well in the harsh desert heat. I highly recommend using a filter and a lens hood to minimize the dust and sand from getting into the lens, though.

Ways to protect your Ricoh GR II from rain, dust, or snow:

Here are some ways to protect your Ricoh GR II from harsh elements:

1. Use a protective leather case

2. Bring along an umbrella

3. The Ricoh GR II camera is so small and you can almost fully cover it with your hand

4. Use a filter and lens hood to protect the lens

5. If you’re planning to use it underwater there’s a waterproof case that you can buy from Amazon and other retailers

What does weather sealing mean?

shooting in the rain with ricoh gr II
Shooting with the Ricoh GR in a mild rain is not so bad

Weather sealing means that your camera is protected against dust and moisture. In most cases, this is accomplished by tightly sealing all of the buttons and openings on the camera body.

The body is also often made of durable rubberized material that helps to keep out moisture.

And you don’t have to worry about the elements damaging the camera or lens, even if you’re using it outside in the rain or dusty environments.

It is also worth mentioning that weather sealing does not mean waterproof, so if you’re planning to use the camera underwater there’s a special case that needs to be purchased separately.

Does weather sealing make a camera better?

Weather sealing is a great feature to have, but it doesn’t make the camera any better than one that doesn’t have it. It’s more of an added bonus than essential to consider when choosing your next camera.

Weather sealing helps to protect the camera from exposure to dust and moisture, which can be very important if you’re using your camera in harsh environments.

Moreover, you should also choose a weather-sealed lens along with a weather-sealed camera body to get the most out of this feature.

If you’re shooting under harsh weather conditions, then having a weather-sealed camera body will be a huge advantage.

As for me, almost all of my beloved cameras like the Ricoh GR, Canon EOS RP, Leica M9, and Canon 80D don’t have any form of weather sealing at all.

I used them under mild rain, they got wet but they never failed me until this very moment.

raining outside

Is the Ricoh GR waterproof?

No, the Ricoh GR digital camera series is not waterproof. The only way to make the Ricoh GR waterproof is by purchasing a waterproof case or housing for the camera.

This will be a good investment if you’re going to use this camera for underwater photography and especially when diving.

Is it possible to make a Ricoh GR II waterproof?

It is possible to make it a waterproof camera but you will have to purchase a waterproof housing for it. The Navitech Waterproof Underwater Housing Camera Dry Bag Case is a housing that’s compatible with Ricoh GR II and other small point-and-shoot cameras.

Is Ricoh a good camera brand?

ricoh film camera
They’ve been around since the analog days

Yes, they are a small but reliable Japanese camera brand that has been around since the 1900s.

They specialize in compact point-and-shoot cameras that are small enough to carry in your pocket but can still deliver high-quality photos.

Their digital cameras are really popular among street photographers and they have a good reputation among users. The Ricoh GR series is known for its compactness, size, and affordability.

These cameras are suitable for street photographers and travelers. It’s a small package but has a great image quality.

The camera has a fixed lens and it has a handful of unique features like the Snap focus, being pocketable and it allows the users for easier one-hand operation.

Does Ricoh still make cameras?

Yes, they do. They have a number of digital cameras available in the market today. As a matter of fact, Ricoh just launched the Ricoh GR IIIx Urban Edition last July 7, 2022, in Tokyo.