Why did Canon Discontinue VIXIA Mini?

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The VIXIA Mini series, including the VIXIA Mini and VIXIA Mini X, has been officially discontinued as of 2023.

  • The discontinuation is likely attributed to poor sales and challenges in keeping up with competition, possibly indicating a struggle to remain competitive in the market.
  • Despite being discontinued, these cameras remain compact, portable, and deliver good recording quality, making them suitable for everyday carry video camera purposes.
  • The GoPro Hero 10 Black is suggested as a superior alternative to the Canon VIXIA Mini series, being newer, durable, and offering higher video quality.

The VIXIA Mini has been discontinued as of today (2023). This actually makes sense since the VIXIA Mini came out about 8 years ago. While the VIXIA Mini X came out just 5 years ago and was recently discontinued. We can only speculate that it is due to their poor sales and they had a hard time catching up with the competition.

The Canon VIXIA Mini series is a pocket-sized video camera that’s great for capturing short moments in time. From weddings to family vacations, the VIXIA Mini will deliver great results whether you’re shooting indoors or out.

It is compact and portable, making it a great travel companion. It’s ideal for shooting videos on the go, and it’s straightforward to use.

In contrast, their main competitor, GoPro is still going strong today. Fortunately, you can still buy a used VIXIA Mini or VIXIA Mini X in selected stores. But it will definitely be hard to find one nowadays.

If you really like its features and unique form factor, no one is stopping you to get one even if they are now discontinued. Its recording quality is still very good at today’s standard.

Small and portable, the Canon VIXIA Mini/X is still a great everyday carry video camera.

But if you’re going to ask me, unless you’re really a fan of Canon and this video camera, getting a GoPro makes more sense. It is newer, durable and its video quality is more than enough for casual users and vloggers.

Camera Like Canon VIXIA Mini/X – Alternative

Meet the GoPro Hero 10 Black

If you are looking for a camera like the Canon VIXIA Mini then the GoPro Hero 10 Black is a great alternative. It is newer and still in production so we can expect that GoPro will continue to support this action camera.

It has a newer GP2 processor that ensures you will never miss any action. It is also very portable and a tough action camera that you can use during your travels.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black can also record 5.3k videos and the quality is really outstanding. The other good news is, that it lays flat on tables and desks therefore you can use it while vlogging, streaming, or recording your activities.

GoPro Hero 10’s video and image quality were better than the Canon VIXIA Mini/X. Well, it really makes sense because it has a newer lens, processor, and its HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization that allows the Hero 10 to capture great details even in dim lights.

Why is the Hero 10 Black a dependable and future-proof investment?

  • Software upgrades and Features: GoPro is dedicated to improving the user experience by releasing frequent software upgrades that include new features and improvements. Over time, users may anticipate improved performance, new shooting modes, and enhanced capabilities. This guarantees that the Hero 10 Black develops in tandem with the demands of the user and technical improvements.
  • Compatibility & Accessories: Throughout its product series, GoPro maintains compatibility with a broad selection of accessories and mounts. This dedication to backward compatibility guarantees that consumers may continue to utilize their previous equipment while also exploring new accessories intended for the most recent models. It demonstrates GoPro’s commitment to creating a robust ecosystem around their products.
  • Community Engagement: GoPro encourages an active and engaged user community by offering a venue for the exchange of tips, techniques, and creative material. This user-driven approach promotes cooperation and the sharing of ideas, enabling users to get the most out of their Hero 10 Black experience. User input is often incorporated into future updates by the organization, displaying a dedication to fulfilling the different demands of its consumer base.
  • Customer Service and Warranty: GoPro is well-known for its customer service, which is available via a variety of channels. The corporation stands behind the quality of its goods, usually giving a robust guarantee to cover any production flaws. This dedication to customer satisfaction underscores the Hero 10 Black’s dependability and makes consumers feel supported throughout their ownership experience.
  • Product lifetime: GoPro’s commitment to continued support adds to the product’s prolonged lifetime. Users can invest in the Hero 10 Black with confidence, knowing that the camera will continue to get upgrades and support for a long length of time. This dedication to endurance distinguishes GoPro, giving consumers a feeling of security and value for their money.

The stabilization also helps a lot to avoid shaky footage and blurry images.

There are many great things to say about this small action camera, and for us, this is the best alternative for a Canon VIXIA Mini.

Zoom Q8N-4K

Another great alternative for the VIXIA Mini/X is the Zoom Q8N-4K. Although it is bigger than the Canon VIXIA Mini/X and GoPro Hero 10, the Zoom Q8N-4K is still small and portable.

It has a 160 wide-angle lens and can do a 4x digital zoom. The lens is good at capturing details, especially in ample lighting. Although, if you max it at 4x zoom, the image quality will degrade by a lot.

And one more thing, the SOUND! The Zoom Q8N-4K has an amazing audio quality. It’s clear, crisp and it is actually good in most situations.

It may not be as tough as the GoPro Hero 10 or as small as the Canon VIXIA, but if you want a compact video camera that has a great video recording quality the Zoom Q8N-4K is a great choice.