Why is Fujifilm X100V on backorder this 2023?

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The Fujifilm X100V is a trendy camera for many reasons. It’s lightweight, stylish, and has a fantastic prime lens that makes it perfect for everyday photography. The only issue with X100V is that it’s on backorder until further notice.

This isn’t because the camera is rare; it’s because there are so many people who want one that Fujifilm can’t keep up with the demand.

Let’s now find out why the Fujifilm X100V is hard to get ahold of this 2023 and what you can do about it.

fujifilm x100v backorder
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Why is Fujifilm X100V on backorder? – Who’s to blame


TikTok played a significant role in boosting the X100V’s popularity through videos showcasing its impressive picture quality and Film Simulation.

The camera was also featured in a TikTok video that showed a woman taking amazing photos with her X100V. Kylie Katich was that person, and she has over 1M followers on TikTok. Her video was a hit, and it helped increase the demand for the Fujifilm X100V.

So, who’s to blame for the shortage? Well, it’s not just TikTok. There’s another factor that contributed to this phenomenon.

Global supply and demand

We talked to Theo Georghiades, the General Manager of Imaging Solutions at Fujifilm UK. According to him, the demand for the Fujifilm X100V has always been high since its launch in February 2020.

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However, factors like the COVID-19 pandemic and social media have further intensified the demand for this camera. The supply chain shortages caused by the pandemic resulted in Fujifilm constantly trying to catch up with the demand.

The current demand for the X100V in 2023 exceeds the supply even more than when the camera was initially launched, with customers facing wait times of around three months or more, making it difficult to purchase the camera this year, even if ordered immediately.

What is Fujifilm X100V

fujifilm x100v

The Fujifilm X100V is the latest model in the X100 series. This is a fixed lens, compact digital camera that can be used for both professional and casual photography. It has a unique design that allows it to be held comfortably in one hand and produce high-quality images.

Key specs:

  • 26MP X-Trans sensor
  • Redesigned lens
  • Built-in 4-stop ND filter
  • Tilting 1.62M-dot touchscreen LCD panel
  • Updated 3.69M-dot OLED EVF, redesigned OVF optics
  • Up to 4K/30p with Eterna film sim and F-Log internal capture
  • Weather-sealed
  • Up to 420 shots

Due to its compact design, it instantly becomes the go-to camera for travelers, who can easily slip it into their bags without worrying about space. The X100V can produce stunning photographs with rich colors and sharp details.

It has a fixed focal length lens of 35mm equiv. that allows you to zoom with your feet and be more creative with your framing.

Also, its rangefinder-style design is popular among street photographers. And the X100V is more affordable than the Leica M11.

When will Fujifilm restock the X100V?

As of the moment, the Fuji X100V is currently back-ordered in most stores such as Adorama and B&H Photo Video. There’s still no official announcement from Fujifilm when they will restock it, but it’s likely that the camera will be available again soon.

I saw some sellers on Amazon and Ebay but the price is more expensive than the original price. For now, I would suggest you to wait patiently or check out your local marketplace for a better deal.

rear lcd screen fujifilm x100v

Release Date

The Fujifilm X100V is one of our favorite cameras, and it has been since its release in February 2020. It’s a great combination of retro design with modern technology that allows you to easily take beautiful photos.

Cheaper Alternatives

We wrote an article about this topic and we mentioned that there are cheaper alternatives to the Fujifilm X100V. Among them is its older brother, X100F, which is also a great camera.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then this might be the right choice for you. The camera is also easier to find in most stores because it’s been on the market for a while now.


Did Fuji discontinue X100V?

No, Fujifilm hasn’t discontinued the X100V yet. However, you can’t get a new one right now since there’s a shortage of inventory. The camera is still available in the used market but the current price is ridiculously high.

Why are X100V so expensive?

It is so expensive because the X100V is in high demand. It has a lot of fans and users who love the look, feel, and features of this camera. The supply can’t keep up with the demand and the price has gone up. It’s just a simple law of supply and demand.